Fraser Fir

This tree is often described as the most beautiful tree available. With a glossy green topside of the needle, to the snow white underneath, this makes for a truly beautiful Christmas tree. If you are looking to impress your neighbors, or that someone special, this would be the tree. Come out to Kringle's Tree Factory and take one fresh one home tonight!


Douglas Fir

If a fragrant tree is what you desire, this would be an ideal choice. With soft needles and a tangerine aroma when you walk in your door, you will feel as if you are in the Pacific Northwest. This tree is very symmetrical and can be placed in any location in your home


Concolor Fir

With soft long blue/ green needles, this tree is known for it's great fragrance. The Concolor Fir requires extra attention to grow to maturity, and as a result, it is not available locally in many areas of the country. We are proud to offer the Concolor as one of our premier trees, grown on our own farms. It has been suggested that Concolor Fir is the ideal choice for those people who suffer from tree related allergies.

Balsam Fir

The fragrance of Christmas comes rushing to your senses with this beautiful tree. With sturdy branches, dark green needles and a white cast underneath, this tree makes an outstanding choice. If you ever had a balsam doorstopper or a fragrant balsam pillow, you will know why this tree is in so many homes for Christmas


Scotch Pine

A traditional favorite, and a great value. At some point, most of us have had a Scotch Pine in our home as our Christmas Tree of choice. With a sturdy frame and full branches, this tree is great even when completely covered with ornaments and lights. This tree remains a popular choice and is selected by 25% of the families in America!


Serbian Spruce

A medium-sized evergreen tree. This conifer was named for the region to which it is native, but it can now be found in multiple continents, including Europe and North America, where it is highly valued for numerous reasons.


Norway Spruce

Small-diameter branches sweep horizontally from the straight trunk which can grow to four feet thick. Branchlets droop from the branches toward the ground in a graceful, weeping fashion forming a delicate pyramid and makes a great Christmas tree


  • Christmas Tree Delivery

    We'll make sure you get your tree home safely. We also offer Holiday Tree Delivery. We will deliver locally within 10 miles for only $20.00 and after 10 miles are service fee is .25c per mile.

    When you arrive at our facility and you pick out you perfect Christmas tree from our vast selection. Our friendly & professional staff will be there to assist you in any way. We will do a trimming of the truck, then we bail or net the tree for easy handling & transportation.

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    This year, say goodbye to fake Christmas trees and go GREEN all throughout the holidays with a real fresh cut tree.